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Seed Investing

We are not typical investors. We believe in the power of Conscious Capitalism, an we are inspired by the courage and energy it takes to start up a Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company. If you have a strong sense of mission and disruptive consumer packaged goods product lines, we could be a good match.

Leadership Advisors

We coach throughout the CPG world, specializing in companies that value stakeholder models. We work as equity compensated advisors and as members of board of directors.


We have decades of leadership experience navigating the natural grocery industry. We listen, and consider your business holistically, before we offer advice. We will help guide your unique company with thoughtful strategic support.

In Appreciation

We’re grateful to Whole Foods Market for the opportunity to contribute to a dynamic culture, designed by the inspiring thought leadership of John Mackey. From the very beginning John and the many leaders at Whole Foods Market through the years have conceived of, refined and executed a brilliant business model. We bring our Whole Foods experience and perspective forward everyday, because it is who we are. We’re confident in the benefits of embracing the philosophy, and furthering the movement of Conscious Capitalism.